Conference Proceedings

  • [C2] Hengyi Fu, Yao Lyu. 2022. Facial Recognition Interaction in a University Setting: Impression, Reaction, and Decision-making. International Conference on Information (iConference) [Best Paper Finalist]

  • [C1] Yao Lyu, Juan Xie, and Bingbing Xie. 2020. The Attitudes of Chinese Online Users Towards Movie Piracy: A Content Analysis. International Conference on Information (iConference): 169–185.

Workshop Presentations

  • [W2] Hengyi Fu, Yao Lyu. 2021. Perceived Fairness of Facial Recognition System Deployment in a University Setting. ASIS&T SIG AI Workshop

  • [W1] Hengyi Fu, Yao Lyu. 2021. How People Experience Facial Recognition in an Organizational Setting: An Organizational Justice Perspective. ASIS&T SIG SI Workshop