Yao Lyu

Researcher in Accessibility and Human-Algorithm Interaction

Yao riding a bike on a beach

About Me

Hello, this is Yao Lyu (Chinese: 吕尧, Pinyin: Lǚ Yáo). I am a PhD candidate in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) at Penn State IST, advised by Dr. John M. Carroll

My research primarily focuses on accessibility and human interaction with algorithmic- or AI-powered technologies. I've led projects on blind users' interactions with short video platforms, focusing on blind users' content creation, online education/professionalization, and community construction. My work has been published in CHI, CSCW, iConference, and ASIS&T (please check my publications or projects for more details).

I am an HCI researcher dedicated to improving the experiences of users with disabilities. My professional training has equipped me with outstanding expertise in qualitative user studies (especially for marginalized populations) and in academic writing. I am also a diligent project manager adept at mentoring junior researchers, communicating/coordinating with stakeholders, and controlling project progress/quality.

Please feel free to contact me for more information via email (yao.lyu [at] outlook.com or yaolyu [at] psu.edu), Linkedin, Twitter, or Facebook.

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